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Body Language Anger Hostility
Anger is visible in:
  • fists or hands on hips with chin forward
  • pupil contraction
  • Compressed or whitened lips
  • clenched or locked jaw muscles
  • running fingers through the hair
  • hand touching back of ear or neck
    almost as if raised swat down
  • hand can also be jammed angrily in a pocket
  • Pointing or jabbing can mock fencing
  • direct stare can be hostile and aggressive; particularly with color change to red
  • redness in the face
  • Invading your space or "in your face"
  • crossing of arms, legs or ankles
  • short rapid breathing
  • frequent repetition of certain phrases
  • rapid speech
  • rapid body motions
  • tense behavior
  • Intense Glare
  • frozen expression or scowl
  • stiff, rigid posture
  • shaking
  • frustrated, almost uncontrollable arm movements
  • false or sarcastic laughter
  • sticking out the face, jaw, or chest
Sometimes, anger is also expressed through defensiveness or withdrawal.
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