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Build Your Self

  • Look back from your future on todays choices
  • How can you better achieve your goals and desires
  • New ways to drop barriers and really get there.
  • Moving habits and behaviors out of your way.
  • Transcend past events and move through them.
  • Values and views that make it far easier to get...
  • If your life is not all you want... Do you not owe yourself?

Gain Power and Control

  • Carnegie and many others noted Human Relations are the key.
  • Understand these communications and enhance rapport.
  • Become more Alpha and gain super respect and power.
  • Assertive reactions to keep your inner strength.
  • Positively influence and detect others attempts to manipulate.
  • Energy is key to success. How to maximize your's.
  • Gain energy through habits and thought processes.
  • Save time by better management.

Social and Physical Benefits

  • Sociosexual interactions are huge - future family...
  • Health and happiness both improve with flirting.
  • How could you benefit better by skill in this area.
  • Is there any aspect of life this does not effect?


  • Business and social theory shows that altruism produces more long term success -- even when an individual entity appears to have an immediate loss, there are many cases where doing good acts produces a long term gain for everyone involved.

  • It is also easy to recognize that when a person sees a benefit from a relationship or activity, they will pursue and keep that strong. We have seen this in the results from customers who have found increasing success with our products.

  • A subset of products are thus provided free for public use. Our expectation is for your improvement and growth through continued contact as your success and ours continue to increase.

  • Each human has a self-ideal or target of what they aspire to for their ideal-self and that is a basis of evaluation for actions and source of motivation. Many business sources espouse the belief that everyone acts with total selfishness. Not only has this shown to be false time and again by heroes large and small, sung and silently appreciated, it is also clearly a detrimental point of view for people to have as an ideal. The best ideals include: courage; confidence; compassion; love; fortitude; perseverance; patience; forgiveness, and; integrity. These are the same traits that usually lead to the best results in all aspects of life.

  • John Nash shared the 1994 Nobel Prize for a theory that included proof that altruistic behavior is important for group success. Altruism is defined as any behavior by an organism that decreases its own benefit from a single interaction but increases gain of others. Altruism is a common event in nature including human nature. Dolphins will help keep other animals afloat, numerous species share food and make loud noises to warn neighbors of danger. Humans do all of these behaviors and many more on a regular basis.

    Software Coach

Program with both free and more extensive sections that offers leading suggestions, facts and learning for powerful progress. Automated downloads of regular updates and additions keep you up on the latest changes and improvements in the areas you have checked as interesting to you.

With This Software, you get:

  • More Winning Thought Patterns
  • Empowering Positive Responses
  • Access your Zones, Be More In The Flow
  • More Ease and Confidence
  • Higher Levels of Control in Your Life
  • More Fulfilling Relationships
  • Improved Finances
  • Greater Personal Strength
  • Boosted Creative Mind Power
  • Increased Social Self Confidence
  • Worry Moved Aside
  • Enhanced Positive Thinking
  • Greater Inner Peace
  • Better Success in Business
  • Feelings and Better Health
  • The Perfect Partner Easily and Automatically
  • Elimination of Negative Feelings
  • Better Charge of Your Life
  • Increased Worth and Get it
  • Secure Desired Positions
  • Create and alter situations to your wish.