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  • - Ok, resending this with the names covered to protect the innocent - and guilty?
    Hey, you deleted my post?
    Oh my Gawd, you really sent this email to the gal closest to her!?  :)
    Would have thought it was the wrong time - before dinner - wrong time of month - but
    no, Y's attempt to be very mean was pre-planned.
    Surprising and odd being led on by expressions online and in person. Also because
    while my social circles are increasing and expanding, she said no one calls her
    anymore. Duh? People want to feel good and that type of smallness is not appreciated.
    Nearly got angry and could have made some verbal damage there based on how really well
    things have gone for me.
    Like the gal who after a few lines of just chatting at the store stuffed a scrap of
    paper with email and phone in my palm - no job and could not have kids, and it was fun
    at the pond before I just took her home. Versus GGG who's dad is same field as mine
    making for implicit commonality - 23 years old and very mature, we met dancing just
    after Y & I split a couple months ago and she chose me to deflower her as her
    graduation gift - summa cum laude smart, martial arts black belt, musical and speaks
    French and Spanish, she just seems not able to tell me often enough how pretty and nice
    I am and she is really nice too. Then again, what Y has imagined may be even worse than
    anything I might say - just happy that most people want me around and to be nice enough
    to not have said anything bad in retort and to get statements like "You are the nicest
    customer today" from clerks who I'm not trying to impress, or folks met at the park or
    wherever, being myself.
    My intent was to help Y get out and meet people. Guess she likes her alone-ness or
    misery or whatever.
    Anyway that kind of nastiness makes things simple. No anger, or much of any feelings
    other than pity, and no need for contact in the future, gotta choose to be around nice
    people with what life we've got!
    Best of luck. You are a nice person. Sometimes what is right and best is not what is
    Laslo - Upper NY
    Hi Laslo,

    You may have had a bit of one-itis for her. You are cured now and moving on is excellent - especially considering your success so far. - I'm assuming you are doing the right things and GGG's view of you is based on your alpha behavior this makes you seem to be gifted with supreme natural goodness and looks :) A few bad boy behaviorus might fit in on occasion.

    Often a girl gets scared of losing you, may shut the doors before you can. This is a self protection reaction and shows her insecurity. She can tell herself how it was her choice and feel like she was in control. In this case that was her confusion about your efforts to be nice were likely misunderstood.

    A lot of seemingly nice people do have major personality changes from moods or monthly cycles. If you meet one, moving on often makes sense. - Get a Handwriting Deck to check personality ahead of time. If she has more than one of: Low self esteem; Self sabotage; Anger, or; Major deceit., Walk away regardless of your gut reaction.

  • Really could not believe how much this is shaping my world - not only with girls, everyone seems to be listening more. The other day just talking, people were so totally into what I was saying without even trying - I was looking away most of the time and really did not care and THAT was what was making them listen all the more - totally pleased with the results Thanks so much for these social gifts!
    ~ Sandy from Phoenix
  • Glad to have found your site. This is exactly what I was looking for.
    Warren T. in San D Golden Triangle.

  • Great Job with software coach. I downloaded it and I'll be buying one of the additions shortly.
    Lenny P.