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Where to Meet Women
Places you know and unexpected places that naturally lead to good interactions and setup your success! - These include: bars, nightclubs, online like AOL, big cities attract beauties, airports, bookstores, dance lessons, gyms, coffee or yogurt shops, supermarkets, health food stores and restaurants, and anything near salons and beauty supply outlets. Better places include: Art museums, showings and classes. Coffee shops in the morning near Malls, in the afternoon on a college campus. Yoga and dance classes. To really step out, consider: Be a: bartender, personal trainer, tattoo artist! Get into dance lessons, learn street magic, astrology readings, palm readings, masseuse, work or hang near modeling or acting industry jobs, poetry readings, breast cancer fund raisers. Conventions, fairs, airports, vacation hotspots that draw people from a distance - being far from home, gives them fewer inhibitions. They want to find more about people and things in this new location.
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  • Listen While You Sleep
  • Keep Secret Let Them Wonder
  • Meet Women near Salons
  • Meet Women in Artsy Places
  • Watch And Record Where to Meet
  • Meet Women in Coffee Shops
  • Meet Women in Bookstores
  • Meet Chicks at Gay Bars
  • May Is a Great Time For Hookups
  • Meet Women in Supermarkets
  • Not For Everybody
  • Meet Women Online
  • Biz Card Pickup
  • Million Dollar Pickup Line
  • Meet Women in Bars
  • Meet Women in Dance Classes
  • Meet Women in Big Cities
  • Meet Women at Distant Events
  • Meet Women in Restaurants
  • Meet Women in Creative Classes
  • How Would You React in her Shoes
  • Ask Host for Introductions
  • Social Travel Tips
  • Meet Girls at Auditions
  • Sporting Flirts
  • Meet Women Bartending
  • Meet Girls in Ordering Lines
  • Girl Out Alone Probably Seeks Sex
  • Get Power With Girls When Performing
  • Hot Or Not Approach
  • Meet Girls Driving
  • Meet Women Near Shoes
  • Look For Love In The Right Places
  • Just Before They Get Done Working
  • Improve Your Odds Learn
  • Meet Girls Printing Digital Photos
  • Flirting Parties Bars
  • Dine Off Hours Improve Talk To Waitresses
  • Draw Her With Your Passion
  • Camera Kiosk Pickup
  • Being Lost Can Be Good
  • Hottest Women Visit Newest Places
  • Good Weather Brings out Girls
  • Volunteer To Meet Nice Girls
  • Meet Women at Bus or Train Stops
  • Meet Women at Poetry Readings
  • Meet Women as a Masseuse
  • Meet Women as a Tattooist
  • Meet Women at Dance lessons
  • Meet Women as Models or Acting
  • Meet Women as a Magician

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