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Win and Influence Principles
Life changing principles from Carnegie's book - How to win friends and Influence People
  • Never criticize, cut-down, or complain.
  • Give honest, sincere appreciation.
  • Arouse eager desire in every person.

    Make Friends

  • Smile.
  • Become genuinely interested in other people.
  • Their name, is, the sweetest and most important sound they can hear.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Encourage others to talk about themselves.
  • Talk in terms of the other person's interests.
  • Make the other person feel important - do it sincerely.

    Win their thoughts

  • To get the best of an argument - avoid it.
  • Show respect for their opinions.
  • Never say, 'You're wrong.'
  • If you're wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically.
  • Begin in a friendly way.
  • Get the other person saying 'yes, yes' immediately.
  • Let the them to do a great deal of the talking.
  • Get them to feel that the idea is his or hers.
  • Honestly take a look at things from their point of view.
  • Appreciate, respect or agree with their ideas and desires.
  • Appeal to the nobler motives.
  • Dramatize your ideas.
  • Give people challenges.

    Change them positively

  • Begin with honest praise and appreciation.
  • Mistakes may be mentioned infrequently and only indirectly.
  • Talk about your own mistakes before one of their's.
  • Ask questions to direct them and avoid demands.
  • Let the other person save face.
  • Praise everything, even the slightest, improvement.
  • Give warm approval and hearty praise.
  • Expect in them, a fine reputation they will live up to.
  • Use encouragement.
  • Make any fault seem easy to correct.
  • Make people happy about doing what you suggest.
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