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Tips Toward Emotional Maturity
Become more emotionally mature as you:
  • Look within to validate decisions then act on them
  • Choose to Lead others
  • Take responsibility
  • Feel more and more comfortable on your own
  • Make your own choices
  • Gather information and think before decisions
  • Stay Relaxed
  • Control your mood regardless of events
  • Stay cool and choose the best response to each situation
  • Know you are very successful with relationships
  • Form stable lasting relationships
  • Enjoy looking after children or pets
  • Have strong self confidence
  • Speak easily in public and to strangers
  • Know you are good
  • Have no need of self pity
  • Know that how others have hurt and caused difficulties is well left in the past
  • Realize how you are is based on your choices
  • Like yourself
  • Be honest
  • Tell people what is best not what you think they want to hear
  • Find approval for yourself primarily from within
  • Find rejection as educational
  • Refrain from much alcohol, drugs etc. and find better solutions to emotional pain
  • Easily open up to others
  • Find comfort and relaxation in others company
  • Decide what to work on in yourself for yourself
  • Manage your assets well
  • Care for your health
  • Enjoy company and occasional solitude.
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