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Stories As Conversations Magic Bullets
Stories - like magic bullets:
  • Fill in Right after your opening lines
  • Give more time with them while you can think
  • Move their emotions your way with embedded messages, quotes and your character
  • Alpha, Protector, Supportive, Leadership Status is implied in your well rehearsed practiced lines
    Use a recorder before going out so you know sound good.
  • It is a pleasing regressing thing from youth to hear a story.
  • Gain instant control while putting the spotlight on them to get their feedback - see, feel and hear how they are responding.
  • It's an interaction where they are having input on which of your few "points" gets more energy or Even a little raised eyebrow can be enough
  • You can move to get Kino going when getting the feedback
  • The story punch line conveys the ending and grabs attention. Leave a long - tension -- building --- pause then release with the punch line
  • Start the story with a hook question - lead and then wait -- for them to look. Your question with tone of a command and draws them in - IE., "Ever smell a Mr Lincoln Rose?"
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