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Self Awareness Strategies
Knowing your emotions and moods leads to self control - why not push your Own buttons. Use these strategies to better know -
  • Mood and Emotional state is neither good nor bad, it is are what you feel and that just IS - treat those imposters just the same;
  • Observe the wave effects from your emotions, how much do they effect; Accept and build any uncomfortable feelings to the point where you recognize their cause and can consider underlying feelings - trying to push down the feelings often makes them stronger because they are there for a reason - so Reason with them instead!;
  • Feel your emotions physically, back pain shows feeling a load, etc.;
  • Keep digging for who and what pushes your buttons and what emotions are involved;
  • Keep an emotional journal;
  • Ask WHY you do every behavior for awhile;
  • Watch for your emotions in books, movies and other people;
  • Find how you respond when you are hungry, tired, ill and elated.
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