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N L P Overlap Method Gets Girls
Use sounds of things you can't wait for with images of approaching girls. Or images and feelings of fun with sounds of the approaches. Mix these up. What are your most exciting events where enthusiasm wells up and you could transfer feelings of modality and submodality emotional influence floating and overlapping these words, images and feelings into and around approaching and interacting with women to build motivation and ability to get the best. How clearly are you imagining the whole experience, before and after included and using the excitement to squish fears, now.... Hear the fun words of excitement picturing preparing to move ahead. Now see fun pictures while hearing the events around your interaction. Make the good feelings so strong that your whole body resonates with them, sense a cheering throng supporting your actions with the images so bright your eyes nearly hurt. Afterwards, use the same overlap from after the exciting event applied to the project you should want to do. Use this before and after just like the critical sports back swing and follow-through or like the appetizer and dessert to make the whole experience so much better. Come on in, the water's fine. Speak Maxim mp3 | WAV

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