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Powerful technique that adds friendly nature to your interactions and allows great sway interacting with people. Body language reading and other techniques that give you more.
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  • Acceleration Of Success
  • Postural Echo
  • Open Inviting Increase People
  • Match Their Modality For Rapport
  • Unconscious Is Fast
  • Mirroring Is
  • Mirroring You Synchronicity
  • Test Their E S P And Build Love
  • Assume You are Alpha and Like Them
  • Conscious Mirroring Has Positive Effects
  • Hypnosis by Miroring
  • Smart Magnetic Eyes
  • How To Get People to Like You
  • Compliment Them on Similarity
  • Mirroring up to 20 Seconds Later
  • Rephrase What They Say Back To Them
  • Mirror Their Words
  • Best Rapport Mirroring
  • Join Their World
  • Direct May Be Too Intense

  • Window of Opportunity. Reach your dreams and goals.
    Model & Photo Service