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Mnemonic List For Power With People
Here is a list of powerful personality distinctions to gain more insight in a few minutes than you can imagine! The list is connected with the simple Mneumonic Memorization Method of Pegs to make it easy to recall and apply with people as: One is a Bun - toward or away from personality type + picture the person attracted or repelled from the bun; Two is a Shoe - internal or external decision making strategy + picture them in or out of the shoe; Three is a Tree - Motivated by Possibility or Necessity do they climb because of what they might see or forced to because of what they might miss; Four is a Door - What they need to decide as in see, hear, feel to make them go through that door; Five is a Hive - Relationship Strategy, sticky or fickle + do they stick to the hive or toss it aside; Six is Sticks - Judger or Perceiver + Perciever may be looking through sticks, Judger is sitting atop the pile; Seven is Heaven - big picture or detail oriented + someone in the clouds or grounded; Eight is a Gate - Focus on self or others; Nine is a Vine - What makes them happy; Ten is a Hen - Loner, Team Player or Leader + picture places hens might have in they farmyard. A bit more detail here. Speak Maxim mp3 | WAV

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