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Knowing Names is Powerful
Peoples names are the most important sounds to them in the world. Knowing their name shows respect, gives you a powerful latch into their thoughts, and makes people feel really good. What ways can you remember names better, every time. Repeat the persons name three times after hearing. You can say "Hi Chris", "What do you enjoy doing Chris", "How do you spell Chris" also saying the name silently to yourself several times. As you say their name the first time, create a strong mnemonic in your head. For example "Joe" could be pictured as a cup of coffee on the persons shoulders. Use all your senses to see, smell, taste and feel the warmth of the coffee and notice how the funnier and more striking your creation, the better you recall. You could picture Arnie as a robot Terminator or other movie character. Learn about the person you are meeting or hearing about, their life or goals, make them real and important in your world and you will be more important in theirs. You may find a rhyme like "Carin' Erin" that works well for some names, particularly when it connects to their life and what you know about the person. You may find it strongest to imagine writing their name, or do write their name on a card or after saying "Goodbye John". Speak Maxim mp3 | WAV

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