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Icebreakers Magic Tricks
Bored and intelligent chicks often enjoy the Magic tricks approach. Trick one is the circles of fingers where you form rings of index finger to thumb on each hand and display the rings by tapping them together saying two solid rings next put them behind your head; act like you are making a big effort; and take them out locked together and make a big deal of it like a magician showing how they will not pull apart and are really locked. Trick two; which hand is yours have them hold out a fist and do the pea under the cups routine with two of your hands then ask which is theirs; and say "Very good" when they get it. Trick three is the Big item hidden in hand where you hide something way too big in one hand with both behind back and then present hands and ask which it is in Saying 'impressive' when they get it. Fourth is the poke head through hole trick where you make a ring with thumb and finger and say "I will now poke my head through this hole... want to see me do that?..." Let her mind wander/wonder for a few seconds while holding the ring up and looking from her to your fingers. Then hold the ring to your head and poke through with a finger of the other hand. Finish with I'm Glad you laughed because it is good to know that you have more going for you than just looks. YouTube clip; Video in MOV format and mp4 Video clip. Speak Maxim mp3 | WAV

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