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How To Get People to Like You
Review David Lieberman's Get Anyone To Do Anything for the details. Summary on - Get people to like you:
  • Be around! Contact breeds fondness;
  • Relate briefly about your shared interests whole moving and thinking as them and do it do while they are in a good mood - get them talking;
  • Let them know how you respect, appreciate or at least hear/see/feel their point of view;
  • Let them do you a simple favour just so they can be nice - no strings. Then they like you more and will tend to do More favors;
  • Mirror their movements, rate of speech, and speaking patterns to create rapport;
  • Be confident and human by making humor at your mistakes;
  • Positive in attitude - Excited, passionate, and happy folks win friends fastest
  • Compliments Work! Especially when yours are sincerely kind and warm;
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