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Four Basic Relationship Styles
The four basic relationship styles are:
  • Rational Relator
    • Thinks carefully before presenting ideas or opinions;
    • Is goal-oriented and practical;
    • Has good separation of work from personal life.

  • Functional Relator
    • More at ease in a structured environment;
    • Would rather fine-tune organizational practices than work on future-oriented concepts;
    • Less comfortable working on more than one project at a time - needs completion.

  • Intuitive Relator
    • Works well in circumstances that encourage creativity;
    • Holistic thinker who learns processes at a glance rather than step-by-step;
    • Often more interested in the evolution of the organization than fine-tuning current concepts.

  • Personal Relator
    • Maintains a friendly demeanor;
    • Loves working with a team
    • Has a strong concern for other people's feelings.

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