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Flirting Scenario
Possibly a typical Flirting Scenario: She smiles at you; then arches brows to make her eyes wide; quickly lowering her lids and; tucking her chin slightly down and coyly to the side; averting her gaze; followed within seconds; almost on cue;
by putting her hands on or near her mouth and giggling. shows huge interest.
--By coyly averting her gaze and playing "hard to get;" she communicates unwillingness to give sex to just anyone but only to someone who demonstrates the right character.
Immediately nod toward dance floor or a seat at your table.
She may -- barely perceptibly -- nod back or shake head and may blush or show increased flirting tonus like breast exaggeration; and she feels excitement and anticipation.
If she nods; that is a green light.
Watch for her self touch on her body or hair caress as she gets more interested.
When some confirmation is received; Move to ask her the same question in person. If she indicates negative; look for eye contact again and make another suggestion; or move on to a different gal.
As you come together; she may preen and you will do well to stay focussed on her in an indirect way; give her full attention even when gorgeous waitress walks over; or a seemingly prettier girl appears; your target is set.
The signals you give all say; "Look at me; trust me; I'm powerful; but I won't hurt you." And "I don't want anything much...yet."
Exaggeration of gestures... Once approached; use openers: "Have you ever..."; "What's it like to..." " what's the story behind that?"
Keep enticing and then pulling away to draw them in. At the high point of the new encounter; is the time to excuse yourself and leave or escalate things.
This will make your prospect yearn to see you again... and make you appear a more valuable person.
A few steps away; turn and say; "oh; what's your e-mail" or "What's you phone" as an afterthought; if you did not get it already.

-- Run the above through all possible reactions she may make such as going for the prettier girl after making the first girl. Bad outcomes must happen from switching girls except in the case where there is a mismatch with the first girl you approach -- bow out of that no-go situation politely.--
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