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Female Signs of Attraction
Signs of female interest include: Smiles; Laughing; Head tossing; Stretching; Protruding chest or shoulders back; Averting gaze downward; Flashing wrists; Hair flip; Neck presentation; Shrugging; Head akimbo after or with laugh. Signals sent from females may be mixed solicitation and avoidance. The objective is to appear sultry not slutty; at least in public. Other signs include: When She re engages you in conversation after you stop talking; Giggles; Touching; Repeated glances every minute or so; Holding eye contact from a distance for a second; Smiles at you; Standing nearby; Interrupting or reacting to your conversation from nearby; Turning her body towards you or brushing against you as she passes; Talking to her friend then they giggle; Asking you an unimportant question; like the time; Initiating conversation; Seeking your attention or talking more when you are around; Asking your name; Asking your age (see klink or say "guess"); Gives you compliments; Being playful and trying to be challenging; Disagreeing while laughing; Punching your arm and laughing; Uses nicknames for you; Plays with her hair when you may be looking; Touching your leg with hers when seated; Repeatedly touches you in any way; Asking if you have a girlfriend; Mentioning your girlfriend even if you have not said have one; Comes back after going to the bathroom; Holding eye contact when speaking with you for longer periods of time; Avoiding talk of her boyfriend; Showing common interests to things you say you enjoy; Watches for your reaction to her speech and actions; Sideways glances to hide the fact that she's looking; Introducing you to friends; Offering to buy you a drink; Calling you a player or a heartbreaker; Coming around to say she is leaving on her way out; Asking you where you are going as you leave; Returning your calls; Inventing reasons to be with you; Trying to isolate You; Her friend goes to the bathroom; but she stays; Her friends go to the bar; or the dance floor; but she stays; She waits for you if you go to the bathroom; She doesn't flinch or pull back if you happen to move too close; She doesn't resist when you escalate physically -- or she gives token resistance to avoid looking like a slut. Speak Maxim mp3 | WAV

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