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Be A People Magnet Clauses
Great Set of Leil Lowes Clauses from "How to be a People Magnet." Check it out and use this as good review!
  • In Your Shoes
  • Eye Messages
  • The Expanded Thank-You
  • The Trifling Touch
  • Slow, Spillover Smile
  • Listen to Their Heart
  • Dis-Guys My Dialogue
  • De-Gurrl My Dialogue
  • Listen Like a Nail
  • Listen Like a Dunking Duck
  • Ditch the beachers, Talk to the Trashers
  • I Am Beautiful
  • I'm a Good Mover
  • The Emperor's New Clothes
  • My Five-Star Handshake
  • The Honest Hug
  • React Faster, Answer Faster
  • Always Talk to Strangers
  • What Can I Learn from This?
  • Give the Gift of You Can Do
  • Growing My Gifts
  • Plan a Sweet Surprise
  • I Love Ya Man
  • Do My Buddy's Bag
  • Tchotchkes for Chums
  • My Personal Principles Clause
  • Thanks, You Made My Day
  • Befriend a Nerd
  • I ll Talk to the Tens
  • My Physically Challenged Pal
  • Dare to Be Different
  • Multicolored Chums
  • I Won't Toss the Person with the PEA
  • Look for a Look-Alike
  • Weekly Off-My-Duff Promise
  • If I Want to Date, I Must Initiate
  • Think Lyrical, Not Lyrics
  • My Three-Step Strategy Clause
  • Foxy Face-Saver
  • Hunt Down Hot Buttons
  • Let Him Sulk in Silence
  • No More Troubled Clam
  • What s Wrong, Lambchop?
  • Let Him Lecture
  • Seek Her Social Assistance
  • You Make Me Sooo Happy
  • She s The Ball Game, Not The Ball Game
  • My Lyrical Love
  • My Silent Partner
  • The Minute an Hour Treatment
  • Sharing My Gifts
  • Knight Time-Sharing
  • Knight Recruiting Clause
  • Good Neighbor Clause
  • Find an Old Friend or Old Love
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