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Alpha Is
  • Dominant without being domineering, masculine without being macho and in control without being controlling.
  • Standing up straight, shoulders relaxed, chest out, scanning the area for danger and opportunity
  • Take up space standing and seated with feet shoulder width apart and elbows out a bit; You Keep your hands visible; Your Open relaxed posture shows no one threatens you; You have Slow deliberate movements; Head is level, erect and back a bit with chin straight forward; You Walk slowly and comfortably; Toes slightly outward; Breath from the stomach; Lower jaw relaxed and just a bit forward; Eyelids relaxed - no Bambi in the headlights; Hands at your sides comfortably
  • Establish the eye contact first, smile after about a half second - self satisfied without conceit.
  • Watch just to evaluate people, turn away from possible approval.
  • Expect people to be watching you.
  • No worries - your confident exterior keeps your clan feeling secure
  • Have control over your emotions and know what triggers them. Emotions are good when you know what you are doing and feeling - Seeing every mood - is historically a key for group survival!
  • Opt IN to competitions - love the game and expect to win!
  • Everyone is like a known friend or is trying to win your approval.
  • When in a group assume you are the one to respond first with composure or ignore less important events.
  • Seek disapproval once in awhile. Show how you buck the system on occasion.
  • Give direction or suggestion and have it visibly followed.
  • You are relaxed and not threatened.
  • Speak just a bit louder than needed. Loud enough to be heard in your environment without having to repeat yourself speak calmly, pause naturally in conversation, and vary your pitch as you speak - Hands below your chin, above your waist, and within your shoulders
  • When responding, move slowly. Snapping to attention is for subordinates only.
  • Hold that drink by your hip, not your chest
  • High Intelligence seeing beyond the obvious surface level; High expectations from others, test them early; Direct communication; Well Groomed with good breath, nice quality outfit that makes a statement; High level of self discipline.
  • Avoid
    - Raising your shoulders.
    - Wrinkling your forehead.
    - Fidgeting with hands and/or legs.
    - Tightening facial muscles.
    - Hands in pockets, etc.
    - Neediness
  • Losing temper may help control others. Alpha males are always in control. Keep cool and use more subtle tactics to express your opinions and exert your control.
  • Be touchy in a friendly way: Pat on the back; handshake; push on shoulder.
  • Do not face someone who has their shoulder to you
  • Identify them and correct nervous habits or ticks.
  • Own your own home, business or even a nice vehicle or apartment
  • Alpha leads higher testosterone. Higher testosterone causes immediate increased mental and physical function.
  • Finally, know when it is a safe family group setting, set back, relax and let trivial things pass knowing you can correct the important items if needed later.
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