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10 Commandments of Natural Game
Vin DiCarlo speaks of "natural game" saying:
  • Forming positive connections is most important.
  • Boost and improve the emotions of others.
  • Only Now matters - the past is gone. Any action is better than getting stuck.
  • More than just being a man. Convey a big idea. They love concepts - your words, dress, mannerisms all reinforce this.
  • Use techniques and routines that fit and show yourself through them.
  • Demonstrations of value should flow naturally from the reality of your life.
  • Value is sensed on a subconscious level. They will assess your value within a minutes or seconds.
  • Your thoughts set your outcome. Keep your focus even if it means changing tactics to get to your goal.
  • Life is unpredictable. Surprises come up. Be pleased, amused or positively responsive showing how good your game is.
  • Emotions are stronger than time. A few minutes with excellent energy is better - move, venue change or close while vibe is at a peak.
See Vin DiCarlo's site for more detail.
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